BIOMEDevice 2018: How AR Accelerates Product Development

Biomed Device AR Demo Boston Engineering


Using AR & Voice Technology to Improve User Insight and to Accelerate Product Development

Find out how augmented reality (AR) and other technologies are enabling companies to share product concepts quickly and dynamically. Boston Engineering’s Mark Clemons and two additional panelists will share their insights and highlight medical devices case study examples. Session topics include:

  1. Outline three case study examples of new technologies used to advance a medical product from sketch to production quickly and efficiently
  2. Highlight how to introduce new technology, such as holograms on AR headsets, to the product development cycle
  3. Provide keys to incorporating AR applications into the product development life cycle to help address key requirements including compliance

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Event Details

Exhibit Dates: April 18-19, 2018
BIOMEDevice Boston 2018
Boston, MA

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