MDG Boston Forum: Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

Boston Engineering is a proud MDG Boston sponsor. Visit our table at this event to see the latest in medical devices product innovation. This MDG Boston Forum will focus on life-saving medical imaging and diagnostics, and how medical imaging advances are:

  • Reducing the need for some surgeries
  • Reducing false negatives to save lives
  • Reducing the total cost of care

An expert roundtable will cover areas including:

  • The science, technology, and clinical advantages of 3-D breast imaging technology
  • Improved ultrasonic imaging techniques, such as locating the imaging device in the esophagus adjacent to the heart

Innovating since 1995, Boston Engineering is ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 certified. For more information, please contact us at, visit our medical devices product development capabilities page, or read our medical devices case studies.

Event Details

Exhibit Dates: March 6, 2019; 5:30p.m.-8:30p.m.
Regis College, Fine Arts Center
Weston, MA

Event URL: