MedInnovation Boston 2018

MedInnovation Boston 2018, medical device commercializationMedInnovation Boston 2018 will focus on strategies for commercializing emerging medical technologies and keys to addressing critical unmet medical needs. This conference has two main components:

  • The morning session will celebrate successes in medical device design and commercialization through keynote speakers and case studies highlighting advances in technologies and approaches.
  • The afternoon session will feature two speaker tracks for a more intimate discussion with organizational and technology leaders who are making important strides in advancing technologies and getting life changing devices to the clinic.

At the conference, you’ll see case study examples of how Boston Engineering is solving complex product development challenges for medical devices and biomedical organizations. Boston Engineering is a MedInnovation Boston 2018 sponsor.

This interactive conference is brought to you by the association Medical Development Group (MDG) Boston and the publication Medical Design Briefs.

Event Details

Exhibit Dates: June 25, 2018
Westin Waltham
Waltham, MA

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