WearRAcon 2019

Visit us at WearRAcon 2019 to find out more about our exoskeleton / wearable technology experience. And, try our latest augmented reality (AR) demos.

At WearRAcon 2019, you’ll join wearable robotics professionals from industry, academia, and government. The annual event draws more than 200 attendees to hear cutting-edge presentations, see robotics demonstrations, participate in the Innovation Competition, and network with professionals in the wearable robotics field.

Contact us at info@boston-engineering.com to schedule time to meet with us at the show.


Event Details

Exhibit Dates: March 26-28, 2019
DoubleTree Resort, 5401 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ

Event URL: http://www.wearablerobotics.com/wearracon-19/