V-Wing Expands Underwater Search & Recovery Capabilities for Downed Aircraft

The Back Story

Phoenix International Holdings, Inc., a provider of underwater engineering and operational solutions, approached the Boston Engineering team to expand its underwater search and recovery capabilities for downed aircraft. Phoenix required an underwater tow body to submerge a passive-listening hydrophone to identify black-box pinger signals from downed aircraft.

The Strategy

The Boston Engineering V-Wing is a towed underwater depressor that supports a number of diverse maritime applications. The V-Wing name refers to the product’s unique dihedral wing design, which enables rapid descent, submerges to unlimited depths, provides stability during operations, and minimizes drag.

The Boston Engineering team developed a customized V-Wing Model 760 with the following benefits:

  • Compact size (less than one meter long)
  • Rapid deployment
  • Flexible design that supports a variety of pod enclosure sizes to transport instruments
  • Unlimited depth capabilities
  • Economic, rugged design

The Impact

During the last four years, Phoenix has used four V-Wings to locate several downed airplanes around the world. The company is also using V-Wing for additional applications that require two-way underwater communication.