Core Capabilities
A Collaborative Systems Approach for Faster Development

Many engineering services firms can provide skilled mechanical, electrical or software developers. Some offer complete engineering consulting services. And some may even use an integrated team or systems approach.

But few outsourced engineering firms also offer the expert depth of knowledge and proven development process combined with project management services that allow Boston Engineering to bring new product solutions to life quickly and efficiently - maximizing your strategic market opportunities. This focus on the big picture is what we call Total System Responsibility‚ĄĘ (TSR), and it is part of everything we do.

Defining a systems approach to engineering
A modern and forward-thinking way of approaching engineering development, a systems approach to engineering is now taught at many universities and held up as the "best practice" method for ensuring a successful outcome by professional engineering organizations.

In many firms, it may be just lip-service. But at Boston Engineering, the spirit of systems engineering is intertwined in our processes, procedures and our thinking - even on projects that are small or not systems-based. We offer multidisciplinary teams and a broad depth of knowledge in relevant technologies. Seamless collaboration and solution integration from start to finish is part of our outsourced engineering philosophy.

A collaborative systems approach to engineering incorporates many elements:

  • A multidisciplinary team
  • An integrated project approach
  • A driven understanding that a total solution is more valuable than individual parts
  • Careful consideration of end goals for manufacturing, use or production
  • A systematic development process that provides key check points
  • A thorough, well-documented development process
  • Good communication among team members, end users and designers with dedicated project management
  • Alignment of development processes to fit budget, time constraints or manpower limitations

Seamless Integration
Our engineering teams never work in a vacuum (even when they work on vacuums!) but instead consider the effects of any design, development or ideas - and recommendations from clients or customers - on the overall solution.

For you, this means better integration with your processes, procedures and goals. For us, it means better results on projects that add value in the marketplace and set the stage for longer-term mutually beneficial engineering development relationships.

You can rely on our team to be part of your team.

Complete Solution
By integrating development efforts, offering a broad depth of engineering expertise and assembling teams to fit each project, Boston Engineering offers a complete solution. This bundling of engineering services with project management offers a turn-key outsourced engineering solution - as well as a team that can integrate seamlessly with internal engineering departments or customers.

No matter what stage of product development is needed, from inception to design to production support or testing, Boston Engineering can deliver results for you.

Your success is our success.