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Robotic Fish, Coming to a Pool Near You

August 27th 2009

IEEE Article


Nature is full of great examples of highly efficient mechanical systems, and roboticists are keen to capitalize on those designs. When it comes to underwater vehicles, fish are a popular animal to emulate.

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AUVSI: Robot fish enters second phase of development

August 12th 2009

Flight Daily News Article

Flights Daily News

Boston Engineering's (booth 240) GhostSwimmer autonomous underwater vehicle is preparing to enter the second phase of an 18-month Office of Naval Research Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program.

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July shows early-stage investors eyeing economic recovery

August 7th 2009

Mass High Tech Article


"We are using a best-in-class, virtual company approach," Carlisle said. That includes farming out much of the actual product design and engineering to Boston Engineering Corp. "We don't care what it takes to solve it - we will use hardware, software or Tupperware - whatever it takes," Carlisle Said

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Grant propels flying robot service net

July 31st 2009

Mass High Tech Article


Boston Engineering Corp. has landed a federal grant to develop a robotic platform to catch, service, refuel and relaunch unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs. The Waltham engineering services company and researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology plan to design the "Unmanned Recovery, Service and Launch Automation" system (URSALA) under the $70,000 Phase 1 Small Business Technology Transfer grant, according to Boston Engineering COO Mark Smithers.

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Boston Engineering to Present at NI Week 2009

June 12th 2009

NI Week 2009

National Instruments has selected Boston Engineering to give six speaking sessions during NI Week 2009. Our engineers will be discussing the following topics:

  • LabView Embedded and GhostSwimmer as part of the Robotics Summit
  • LabVIEW and Neuroscience
  • LabVIEW Embedded Tips & Tricks
  • Calling LabVIEW from C
  • Green Engineering - Energy Storage with LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW to MatLab Conversion in GSD

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Boston Engineering in Desktop Engineering

May 31st 2009

Reinventing Machine Design Part 3: Doing It Right

Trailblazers such as Boston Engineering embrace cutting-edge methodology and technologies, and then validate their approach with the fruits of their labor.

Reinventing Machine Design

Some members of the engineering community will tell you that mechatronics methodology is simply sound design practice, that forward-thinking engineers have been using this approach for a long time. That's true. But the methodology is far from being the standard operating procedure of machine and device designers.

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Epstein: The Ligerbots: Executing on teaching STEM

May 22nd 2009

Newton TAB Article

Newton TAB

Newton - In the last 18 months a remarkable project in the Newton Public Schools went from a Newton parent's suggestion to successful implementation, fostering student involvement in the critical areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

It was the launch of our joint high school rookie robotics team, the Ligerbots ( by a unique collaboration, comprising the community, school administration, teachers, 60 students from both high school, Northeastern University Nutrons (, NEMO (, the Newton Schools Foundation, NASA, and a number of local corporations: PTC, Boston Engineering, Raytheon and Textron.

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Lifelike robots mimic animals, find use in medical, defense

May 15th 2009

Mass High Tech Article


The robotics industry is evolving: Researchers are developing robots made of biological material, inspired by robots that were, in turn, inspired by animals. Metal and plastic are giving way to genetically engineered soft materials, including cells and silk, and software is giving way to nervous systems as machines increasingly imitate living things.

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Robotics: Energid strives for remote control

April 24th 2009

Mass High Tech Article


Engergid Technologies  Corp. is working to make the control of real robots more reliable, and to use fake robots to see how the real thing would move on the moon.

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Boston Engineering is Attending the Design of Medical Devices Conference

April 14th - 16th 2009

Radisson University Hotel
Minneapolis, MN

The world's premiere medical devices conference consists of a 2 day technical session and the 3rd day President's Conference.

Conference Goals
  • Promote the medical device industry
  • Provide a forum to bring medical device designers, manufacturers, researchers, and representatives from the public sector together to share perspectives on medical devices
  • Raise funds from corporate sponsorships to endow graduate fellowships in medical device design

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