Innovation Center

The Boston Engineering Innovation Center

MassDevelopment has selected Boston Engineering as an  Center to help small and medium-sized Massachusetts businesses bridge the gap between product development and successful commercialization.

As part of MassDevelopment’s Manufacturing Innovation Grants program, MassDevelopment subsidizes business costs for companies working with the Boston Engineering Innovation Center. MassDevelopment selected Boston Engineering based on our experience working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across industries and a range of product commercialization requirements.

Boston Engineering is the only Innovation Center with product development and engineering services that span from ideation through supply chain development.

Product Development Expertise

At Boston Engineering, we transform great ideas into successful products. Boston Engineering combines ideation with the product engineering and manufacturability expertise to create successful products in today’s highly competitive market. We collaborate with our clients to develop game-changing products that reshape market categories and position companies for long-term success.

Innovation from Design to Manufacturing

For two decades, we have been helping companies overcome innovation, industrial design, engineering, and manufacturing challenges. Boston Engineering provides the subject matter expertise and equipment to address requirements including:

1. Product Optimization: Our value engineering process strengthens product capabilities and performance, and reduces overall production costs and potential risks. We enhance products to establish a competitive advantage, tap new market opportunities, and support strategic business goals.
2. Product Lifecycle Management: We institute best practices across the lifecycle to develop successful products today and plan proactively for next-generation updates. Our modular approach to design builds on a product’s current success and supports a roadmap for future enhancements to enter new market segments, address emerging trends, and increase margins.
3. Process Improvements: We analyze and adopt methods to improve manufacturing quality, production speed, and product reliability while reducing risk and costs. This includes product design, cost of goods sold (COGS), and processes for manufacturing and assembly.

Find out more about Boston Engineering’s technical expertise, clients, and industry focus.

Manufacturing Innovation Grants Overview

To help make product development expertise more accessible, MassDevelopment’s Manufacturing Innovation Grants program will pay the lesser of 75% or $75,000 of the cost of a contract between a company and the Boston Engineering Innovation Center. Companies will pay the remaining costs. Program criteria:

  • Companies must be located in Massachusetts
  • Companies must have 100 or fewer employees
  • Companies must be new Boston Engineering clients
  • Companies will contract directly with Boston Engineering
  • Recipients are required to complete two separate surveys. Responses will be confidential and sent to MassDevelopment

Eligible companies will contract directly with one of four Innovation Centers and are free to contact more than one in an effort to maximize their efforts. The Innovation Center will evaluate each project independently. Additionally, each Innovation Center will have the final decision on which projects it undertakes, based on each Innovation Center’s understanding of a project and its own internal capabilities.

Application Form

This program is available immediately. Please click on the following link to download the application form: Boston Engineering Innovation Center Application Form. Please complete and email the attached application to Please also use this email address to contact us with questions about the grant program.

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