The Convergence of Medical Devices and Drugs: The Future of Combination Products

BioMass MDG Event

Boston Engineering is a proud sponsor of “The Convergence of Medical Devices and Drugs: The Future of Combination Products,” which is presented by MassBio and Medical Development Group Boston (MDG Boston).

Event Background

Combination products are essential tools for patient care and continue to be an area of active and exciting development.  From diffusion based polymer systems to complex delivery devices utilizing diagnostic sensors and sophisticated control systems for precise and timely delivery of life-saving agents, a diverse set of scientific and engineering disciplines are being brought to bear within this space.  However, combination products involve components normally developed under different types of regulations, design criteria and controls.  This symposium will explore diverse aspects impacting combination products from a variety of speakers:

  • Clinicians will discuss the medical challenges for which combination products have provided a unique solution.
  • Academic researchers will discuss scientific advances which may lead to breakthrough products.
  • Entrepreneurs will discuss strategies for funding new combination product ventures, and development issues specific to combination products.
  • Corporate speakers will discuss the challenges across the value chain of selling combination products globally.
  • Regulatory speakers will address current thinking and approaches to combination products within government agencies, both US and internationally.

Event Details

Exhibit Dates: May 12, 2017
Westin Waltham, 70 3rd Avenue
Waltham, MA

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