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Ansys Fluids Simulation

Understanding how fluids interact with your product is paramount for performance and reliability. Whether its aerodynamics, hydraulics, or electronics cooling, fluids simulation – also known as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) – provides designers and engineers with actionable insight into fluid flow and conjugate heat transfer.

Backed by 25 years of product development and simulation consulting, Boston Engineering provides Ansys software and support, Ansys training, and simulation / product development consulting. With Boston Engineering, clients can scale quickly to address their evolving product development and engineering simulation requirements through consulting and tools.

Fluids Simulation Software – FEA & CFD

Ansys provides engineering simulation software to accelerate product development with confidence.

Conceptual AnalysisDiscovery Live’s FEA capability provides results rapidly to guide early product concept development. To help determine performance trends – and identify the most viable product ideas – Discovery Live has built-in CAD modeling capabilities. And powerful simulation performance enables users to see instant results of their internal and external fluid volume tests.

Accurate, Intuitive Simulation Ansys Discovery AIM offers a deep bench of options and powerful simulation precision. This includes greater simulation accuracy through direct control over the mesh. In addition to an intuitive interface, AIM also enables users to translate design models easily to Ansys Workbench for increased detail and control.

Complex Fluid Dynamics – The Ansys Fluent CFD solver handles a wide variety of multiphysics applications including turbulence models, mach regimes, and heat transfer including multi-phase flow and particle dynamics. The Workbench interface allows easy access each process step:  geometry, meshing, solving, and post-processing. And, drag-and-drop capabilities simplify the creation of complex phenomena such as fluid structure interaction and aero-acoustics. With Ansys Fluent CFD, new users can begin simulating quickly and then take advantage of advanced features.

Rotating FlowAnsys CFX provides rotating flow simulation for applications including pumps, fans, compressors and gas and hydraulic turbines. Coupled with products like TurboGrid and BladeModeler, BladeGen, and BladeEditer, Ansys CFX is the one-stop-shop for designing, analyzing, and optimizing turbomachinery designs for peak performance and reliability.

Thermo-fluid Processing – CFD software can also analyze processes such as extrusion, thermoforming, blow molding, glass forming, fiber drawing and concrete shaping. In these applications, tooling is particularly expensive, and traditional trial-and-error methods can be cost prohibitive. Ansys Polyflow allows engineers to design parts from tools, and reverse engineer tools from parts, drastically reducing production launch costs time to market.


Boston Engineering has the Ansys training to fit your team’s schedule and requirements. Simulation education options include curriculum-based classroom training; self-paced, web-based training; and custom knowledge management programs for advanced users. We provide certified training for Ansys software throughout New England, New Jersey, and New York. Contact us for more information.