Motion Control

Massachusetts Motion Control Solutions Specialist

Boston Engineering’s motion control solutions drive new levels of precision, control, and performance. We also address requirements to increase energy efficiency, reduce product size, and comply with stringent industry and government requirements.

Precision, Performance, and Control

The benefits of our motion control consulting services include:

  • Providing the precision to advance brain research by slicing tissue samples 20 nanometers thin (the equivalent to slicing a human hair into 4,000 sections by width)
  • Increasing maximum speed 20% for a handheld manufacturing tool while also reducing its form factor
  • Designing a sensorless motor drive for an aerospace application to deliver high performance amid extreme temperature and altitude changes
  • Developing a 24-axis motion control system for telescope-mounted optical instruments positioned to “see” deeper into space than any comparable technology in history
  • Monitoring motor vibration remotely to maintain high product performance in semiconductor fabs, where a few hours of unscheduled downtime can cost millions
  • Advancing autonomous robotics by creating a dual-axis motor control system for high-precision agricultural tasks

Motor Control Consulting Solutions

Boston Engineering develops custom drives, algorithms, and application code such as:

  • Drives for AC induction motors (ACIM), brushless DC (BLDC), and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM)
  • Drives for brush DC/stepper motors
  • Sensored/sensorless control
  • Field-oriented control
  • Power factor correction

Motion Control Products

Boston Engineering is Analog Devices’ exclusive motor control design partner in North America and Europe. Visit our FlexMC Motor Control Development Platform™ page for additional information about our rapid-development system for any motor control solution.