Research & Concept Development

Boston Engineering Research and Concept Development

Product success is determined during research and early planning. This includes gathering feedback to disruptive ideas, understanding nuanced user preferences, and pinpointing project risks.

At Boston Engineering, we conduct in-depth research to uncover user attitudes and behaviors, and we “stress test” product ideas through rigorous analysis of product engineering viability, regulatory requirements, and more.

Product Development Research

Our research tailored to your specific requirements includes:

Research Foundation

  • Exploratory research
  • Concept research
  • User research (needs, preferences, perceptions, behaviors, attitudes, etc.)
  • Ethnography

Product Concept Analysis

  • Features of Products
  • Product requirements (human factors, ergonomics, etc.)
  • Product specifications

Technical Review

  • Technical specifications
  • Feasibility
  • Proof-of-principle
  • Risk assessment
  • Hazard analysis
  • Regulatory path
  • Traceability matrix

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