‘Printed Beverage’ Manufacturer Smart Cups Pivots to Support COVID-19 Response

Smart Cups COVID-19 Hand Sanitizer

Beverage manufacturing company Smart Cups has the unique ability to print beverage flavors on any surface. Just add water to a Smart Cup to get a high-energy drink in a variety of flavors. The product is convenient, portable, and also eco-friendly. Smart Cups uses plant-based bioplastic cups and it has a low carbon footprint because its product line is shipped without liquid, which reduces transportation and storage requirements. To support its next growth phase, company executives selected Boston Engineering to expand its production capacity and to accelerate new product development.

Answering the call for COVID-19 Support

Hand Sanitizer - Smart Cups

The company’s manufacturing technology reconfigures quickly to support multiple products and also enabled Smart Cups to provide rapid-response support in the wake of COVID-19. The Mission Viejo, California company has shifted half of its manufacturing resources to produce hand sanitizer for healthcare workers and first responders on the front lines.

To date, Smart Cups has manufactured and delivered hand sanitizer throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties, including the cities of Mission Viejo and Laguna Beach, and the Orange County Fire Authority.

Innovating for Growth and the Greater Good Smart Cups and Boston Engineering Innovation

Smart Cups is also researching how it can apply its “printed beverage” manufacturing technology for applications that require large-volume orders to be shipped quickly despite storage limitations and transportation constraints. This includes supplies for healthcare workers, first responders as well as broader disaster response and relief efforts. Products could range from industrial cleaners to over-the-counter drugs. 

“Airplanes and other modes of transportation face space constraints when delivering supplies to relief areas,” said Chris Kanik, founder and CEO of Smart Cups. “Smart Cups has the technology to make a positive impact in relief response and other critical applications by providing new options for the transport, storage, and product ‘activation.’ I started Smart Cups to make a difference in my community and throughout the globe, and this mission drives the company every day.”