Kitchen Appliance Redesign Saves $10 Million Annually in Production Costs

The Back Story

A consumer products company’s growth recipe features heavy doses of global expansion and a relentless focus on its flagship product line. After years of making incremental design changes to reduce manufacturing and assembly costs, the company’s product engineering team was unable to make any additional modifications without sacrificing performance. Looking to maintain profit margins while its primary kitchen appliance line matures, company executives asked Boston Engineering for help.

The Strategy

The client tasked Boston Engineering to identify cost-reduction opportunities in the product’s electronics system. However, the client did not want to invest the time and expense required to overhaul the core system-wide design.

Boston Engineering eliminated the need for system-wide product redesign by targeting defined electronic function blocks. Within each function block, the Boston Engineering team researched and developed cost-effective design alternatives.

The Impact

Within four months, Boston Engineering completed the product redesign analysis and presented detailed findings. Project results include:

  • Identified opportunities to more than double the client’s $10M annual cost-savings goal
  • Prioritized nine separate redesign recommendations by risk and complexity
  • Detailed how the redesign will also accelerate manufacturing and assembly time
  • Enabled rapid implementation of the changes without impacting product performance or quality

The client is currently implementing the product design recommendations. Boston Engineering continues to work with the consumer products brand on multiple product development and innovation projects.