MassDevelopment and Boston Engineering Spark Dynamo Micropower

The Back Story

Dynamo Micropower’s gas turbine engine platform addresses a critical need at oil fields and other remote sites by adjusting automatically to run on a variety of fuels – including unfiltered natural gas, compressed natural gas (CNG), and propane. This breakthrough in small, fuel-flexible turbine engines has caught the attention of Forbes Magazine and other industry influencers. Dynamo Micropower and Multitek North America, a heavy industrial products manufacturer, developed and field tested an industrial heater with the start-up’s TurboCore engine. But to close a follow-on sale, Dynamo Micropower needed outside product engineering expertise quickly to enhance its TurboCore control system.

The Strategy

Greentown Labs, MassDevelopment, and the Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MassMEP) have partnered to help Massachusetts start-ups achieve their potential. Through the MassDevelopment Manufacturing Innovation Grants program, Dynamo Micropower selected the Boston Engineering Innovation Center.

Boston Engineering’s team of electrical, mechanical, and controls engineers revised the controls design to:

  • Reduce TurboCore’s control system footprint 300%
  • Cut control system manufacturing costs 50%
  • Ensure that the new control system performs seamlessly with:
    • Dynamo Micropower’s core turbine technology
    • Multitek’s product design specifications
  • Complete the project within the three-month deadline
  • Maintain high performance and reliability benchmarks
  • Specify manufacturing requirements and identify proven contract manufacturers

The Impact

Multitek ordered 25 Dynamo Micropower TurboCore TC700H units based on the manufacturability and reliability of the engine’s enhanced control system. The Multitek heater with the TurboCore engine reduces operating costs by more than 40% compared to its diesel competitors, at roughly half the weight and size.

Boston Engineering continues to work with Dynamo Micropower to help accelerate high-volume production capabilities.