Remote Monitoring Service Creates High-Margin Revenue Stream for Industrial OEM

The Back Story

The cost of an equipment failure at a semiconductor fab can exceed $1 million, even if the outage is only a few hours. This makes semiconductor companies willing to pay a premium to mitigate costly manufacturing risks. To address this opportunity, an instrumentation manufacturer developed a strategy to evolve from a products-only brand to a comprehensive solutions provider by adding a monitoring service to its offerings.

The Strategy

The manufacturer chose Boston Engineering to develop remote product monitoring capabilities. The Boston Engineering team designed and engineered a solution with vibration sensors to identify proactively when a product will require maintenance – thereby preventing performance degradation or costly unexpected downtime. The remote monitoring solution integrates quickly with the client’s equipment installed in factories across the globe. As part of the project, Boston Engineering seamlessly integrated the remote product health data with the client’s global services operations center.

The Impact

The client’s remote monitoring solution is a market success because it provides semiconductor fabs with added protection against unexpected downtime. The client also gains a new, recurring revenue stream and supports its strategic business goal to offer integrated products and services.