Gaetano (Guy) Fichera

Gaetano Fichera Boston Engineering

Since joining Boston Engineering in 1999, Gaetano Fichera has led the successful design, development, and integration of numerous products for clients. His efforts involve developing and overseeing programs with an industrial and electronics focus. Guy’s career has been centers on custom circuit design involving analog and digital circuitry. He provides an in-depth knowledge of power supply, temperature and motor control design, and embedded systems. Guy is skilled in developing innovative, economical solutions that meet or exceed customer needs.

Guy also developed the FlexMC Motor Control Development Platform™, a rapid development system for any motor control solution. Boston Engineering is Analog Devices’ exclusive motor control design partner in North America and Europe.

His previous experience includes providing hardware design for Sanders, a Lockheed Martin Company (now BAE Systems). Guy holds an electrical engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and an MBA in technology management from Babson College.

“Guy takes pride in developing innovative, economical solutions that meet and exceed client needs.”