CTO Mark Smithers to Spotlight Keys to Commercialization at Robotics Summit

Apr 27, 2018

Mark Smithers presentation at Robotics Summit 2018 in Boston


What:  Mark Smithers, CTO of Boston Engineering, will present “Clearing Hurdles to Commercialization:  From AR to Overlooked Best Practices” at the Robotics Summit & Showcase.

Date and Time:  Wednesday, May 23, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.

Location:  The Westin Boston Waterfront (Boston, Mass).

Registration:  Save 40% on event registration by using promo code BOSTONENG. Register here.

Abstract:  “Clearing Hurdles to Commercialization:  From AR to Overlooked Best Practices”

The development of robotics systems requires a thorough understanding of systems engineering, design goals (and a clear delineation of those goals), a rigorous development process, and an adherence to standards whenever possible. Thankfully, powerful new tools and techniques continue to come to market that not only reduce the complexity and time to develop robotics systems, but also allow product concepts to be shared and dynamically tested beginning at the very earliest stages of the development lifecycle. Key among these is augmented reality (AR).

Mark Smithers, CTO of Boston Engineering, will describe how AR and other technologies can reduce uncertainty when developing new robotics systems. Topics include:

  • Introducing AR into the Product Development Lifecycle
  • Applying Tools and Best Practices to Demonstrate Compliance
  • Spotlighting Examples of Smart, Connected Robotics and Technologies
About Boston Engineering:

Boston Engineering provides product design and engineering consulting across the entire product development process – from concept through connected product capabilities. Certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, the company’s industry expertise includes defense & security, medical devices, robotics, and commercial products. Boston Engineering is also an Internet of Things (IoT) ThingWorx Partner and a PTC Platinum Partner. Founded in 1995, Boston Engineering is headquartered in Waltham, Mass. with an additional office at UMass Dartmouth’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  


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