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Career Opportunities at Boston Engineering

In search of brilliant, creative problem solvers. Start or grow your career with a position at Boston Engineering.

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Are you ready to make an impact?

Interested in how you could impact the future? Looking for ways to add innovation, entrepreneurship, and results to your professional experience? Ready to develop novel solutions to today’s toughest challenges? Below are some of the many ways you can have a role in shaping how many people work and live.


Boston Engineering strives to improve the way people work and live. To accomplish this,  we hire creative engineers to drive tomorrow’s improvements. For successful development of novel product designs and innovative digital solutions, our team is built on the expertise of Mechanical Engineers, Software Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Systems Engineers, and much more.

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Project Management

The Boston Engineering team understands that solutions are driven by creative design, and backed by sound management practices. The best solutions require people who can see the larger picture and drive projects through to completion, while not losing sight of the organizational goals.

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Sales & Marketing

Innovations can’t have an impact if they don’t reach the marketplace. Boston Engineering pushes thought leadership and practical solutions through the Sales and Marketing process to ensure novel solutions can impact the people and processes they were designed to help.

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Other Roles

If your passion isn’t in Engineering, Project Management, or Sales, Boston Engineering still has many opportunities available for you. From Accounting and Finance to Human Resources and General Management, pursue your career goals with a team that is making a difference in the world around us.

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At Boston Engineering

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Engineering Careers

From product development to information systems to engineering consulting, Boston Engineering offers innovative, results-oriented, high value experience. Our engineering team is a growing collection of driven individuals who are able to step outside the box and develop solutions from a fresh perspective, covering all types of products and projects.


If you are a motivated individual who feels challenged to learn and will challenge us to be a better company, we’ll help you grow through:

  • Engineering Co-op Opportunities
  • Engineering Technician Roles
  • Entry Level Engineering Positions
  • Career Engineering Positions
  • Discipline Management Opportunities
  • Subject Matter Expert Roles

Project Management Careers

Project Managers are the front line connection between our customers and our engineering team. They are results driven, customer-focused leaders who demonstrate success in managing high-tech professionals and a commitment to the Boston Engineering Mission. Our projects cover a range of complexity and involve some or all of our engineering disciplines, often focused on:

  • Medical Devices
  • Commercial Products
  • Industrial Solutions
  • Defense & Security
  • Technology Development

Sales & Marketing Careers

Boston Engineering thrives on solving clients’ toughest product innovation challenges. These opportunities come through a Sales and Marketing team that understands customer and market needs. Our business development aims are more than simply driving company growth and maintaining a high levels of sales: Boston Engineering works to locate and win clients that align with our mission. Build your experience through the many customer facing roles we offer, including:

  • Client Relations Executives
  • Business Development Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Innovation Analysts

Other Roles

At Boston Engineering, we pride ourselves in being many things: from product designers and engineers for the Medical, Industrial, Commercial, and Defense sectors, to experts in robotics, motion control, embedded systems, DFX, and digital transformation. We are also proud of the many team members that support and manage our focus on innovation, and the opportunities we offer passionate, driven people to build their careers inside an engineering and consulting environment. If you want to make an impact, we offer roles in:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Purchasing
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Administration

Team-Focused Culture

Join our team and you’ll work alongside brilliant, creative problem solvers in a supportive, collaborative environment. Together, we work relentlessly and energetically to help our clients transform their bold visions into life-changing products. Every project truly is a collective mission, leading to extraordinary results and a journey that is as fun and rewarding as it is fascinating and challenging.

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Work with brilliant creators, push your abilities beyond their limits, advance your professional skills. Leave your signature upon the latest lifechanging products.

Understanding Career Paths

Through collaboration with other creative individuals and a focus on a wide range of challenges, all positions at Boston Engineering prepare you for the next phase of your career. Within Engineering and Project Management, an advancement path is available to take a talented person from entry level to Subject Matter Expert. While these paths are traditional, Boston Engineering is anything but: we take pride in creating and delivering advancement opportunities for our team members to reach their unique career goals.


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