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Digital Solutions

Outdistance the Competition

We put miles between you and your competitors by employing today’s most advanced digital tools, technologies, and engineering innovations.

Digital Solutions


Innovative Digital Technologies

Increase Performance through the power of Digital Technology

We work with you to define your growth opportunities and develop a road map that solves your business challenges and develops proofs of concept showcasing these solutions. We’ll help you build consensus within your organization, leveraging the latest AR, VR, IoT, and other technologies. We provide training and support for these technologies, enabling your organization to boost operational efficiency and profitability as well as expand your organization’s ability to innovate.


Digital Solutions is one of Boston Engineering’s Centers of Excellence. Learn more about how our Centers of Excellence define and support the commitment to our clients and the organizations we serve.


Technology Adoption and Management

Digital products and digital solutions can provide a significant improvement to the way we work and live.  We have the experience to know what technologies will meet your needs, allowing us to move you quickly through the planning and development process. We will assist with mapping your digital solutions requirements prior to investing in developing solutions, and help build consensus and promote adoption by all stakeholders. Our solutions are built on secure integrations with existing business and engineering systems for real-time management of your data. Most importantly, the Boston Engineering team understands how to implement the technologies to bring these elements together into a complete solution to successfully complete tasks, raise revenues, and reduce costs.

Digital Product & Solution Development

Utilize Design & Development Processes for better digital transformation outcomes
Understand viability, feasibility, and desirability

Digital Roadmap Development

Plan a digital transformation using strategy, discipline, and expertise
Start planning your transformation today

Data Management

Collect, store, retrieve, and use your data
Learn More about Data Management

Experience the Impact of Digital Solutions

Let the Boston Engineering team guide your transformation
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Immersive Technologies

Boston Engineering helps companies make the most of Immersive Digital Technologies. Improve the way you work by turning your data into actionable information, increasing your performance, capturing growth opportunities, and realizing success through the power of Immersive Technology.

Learn about our Immersive Technology Capabilities

Augmented Reality

Understand your data in a whole new way
Augmented Reality from Boston Engineering

Advanced Web

Immersive Technology through your Broswer
Advanced Web Solutions from Boston Engineering

Virtual Reality

View Problems and Solutions through technology
Virtual Technology from Boston Engineering

Experience the Impact of Digital Solutions

Let the Boston Engineering team guide your transformation
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Meet BEEP: Boston Engineering’s Bi-layer Enhancement Enterprise Platform. We understand that unique applications require nuanced solutions. Don‚Äôt settle for an off-the-shelf platform that limits your capabilities, compromises your data, or conflicts with your existing assets. Instead, discover how BEEP offers the flexibility to create a unique system suited for your exact needs.

Learn More.


Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, is changing the way products are developed, produced, and distributed. How do tech innovations drive results? Industry 4.0 connects people, analytics, and machines in real-time to optimize operations and minimize human error.

Outpace the competition with customized Industry 4.0 technologies from Boston Engineering.

Can I begin my Industry 4.0 journey or implement emerging technologies with limited resources?


Digital Engineering

Our team implements solutions by managing data and making it accessible to improve your operational insights and communications. The range of our digital engineering capabilities includes:


Systems Architecture


Embedded firmware, mobile apps, and cloud infrastructure to support design and development services


Infrastructure support: Cloud Services, including deploying internal services (i.e. Bitbucket, GitHub) and providing product and services development


Employee software: Linux, OSX


Data science, including data storage, processing, and formatting


IoT, including connectivity and infrastructure


Digital Transformation

To elevate your organization‚Äôs expertise in design, development, and commercialization, integrate powerful platforms from industry-leading partners‚ÄĒlike Ansys‚ÄĒ and custom-designed platforms from Boston Engineering into your operations. Digital Transformations from Boston Engineering include world-class training and support for your development team, helping you realize the maximum return on your investment.

Transform Your Business

A digital transformation will provide your company with a notable advantage over competitors
Learn more about Digital Adoption and Management

Digital Transformations

Boston Engineering guides selection and implementation of digital solutions
Start Your Digital Transformation with Boston Engineering

Digital Infrastructure

Improve business outcomes through tools, technologies, and innovations
Learn more about Digital Infrastructure

Digital Twins

Digital twins are the game-changers of modern innovation, offering a bridge between the physical and digital worlds.
Learn More about Digital Twins


Simulation enables virtual prototyping, allowing designers and engineers to create a digital model of a product and test its performance under various conditions.
Learn More about Simulation

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