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Boston Engineering believes that Thought Leadership results in the ideas that drive innovation. That Novel Engineering creates innovative solutions. Below is content dedicated to keeping our clients and our markets informed as to what is possible. Explore why we continue to accept the impossible challenges.

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Recommended Content

Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles are revolutionizing security and surveillance. They can be adapted to commercial use in more ways than one
See the impact here

Improving Public Health with Affordable Disease Tests

Brand expands to consumer health with at-home flu test in pilot production.
Read about the impact of this consumer testing device

Pump Manufacturer Fuels Growth with Digital Product Line

Manufacturer seeks Boston Engineering's expertise to meet demand for digital ultrasonic flowmeters, lacking internal capabilities.
Learn about the ultrasonic flowmeter tech

Snowboard Innovator Sharpens its Competitive Edge with Redesigns

High-growth brand seeks rapid re-engineering for a new snowboard binding and "universal disk" before the upcoming season.
Read about our DFX expertise applied to a snowboard project

MASED Dropsonde Advances Hurricane Forecasting

MASED: Low-cost, modular maritime sondes collect critical sensor data, serving diverse research, commercial, and defense needs.
Learn about our hurricane forecasting dropsonde

Saving Lives with Accelerated Development of Mechanical Ventilators

Global ventilator shortage during COVID-19 prompts urgent, cost-effective solutions for underprivileged countries to save lives.
Learn more about our emergency response collaboration

Featured Content By Industry


Driving advancements in patient care through in vitro diagnosis. In vitro diagnosis can detect diseases or other conditions, and can be used to monitor a person’s overall health to help cure, treat, or prevent diseases. Read more about the patient care revolution


Combining Robotics and Agriculture to provide the yields needed for the future. To advance autonomous robotics capabilities, Boston Engineering developed a motor control system to provide high reliability and efficiency across multiple speeds and tasks. See how Boston Engineering is innovating for agribusiness


Defining commercial products for military applications (e.g., move and maneuver, logistics support) helps maintain U.S. military readiness and response and protect and save U.S. soldiers lives. Learn how Boston Engineering worked with industry and academia to accelerates innovative technologies like robotics

Featured Content By Topic

Product Development

Our experienced team guides your vision through every stage of development, with the discipline and dedication necessary to engineer quality into your products.
Learn more about the Boston Engineering Process

Software Solutions

Our solutions are built on integrations with existing business and engineering processes, and systems for real-time management of your data. Our skilled software developers are experts across many software development tools.
Read about our Software Solution capabilites

Engineering Disciplines

Our focus extends to building and expanding core engineering capabilities, ensuring that Boston Engineering is the leader in developing new and impactful solutions.
See how our engineering expertise drives solutions

Featured Content By Technology

MASED Dropsonde

Boston Engineering has developed modular, configurable, maritime sondes and buoys that collect critical sensor data such as conductivity and temperature and meet multiple research, commercial and defense needs.

Enterprise Software Platforms

BEEP (Bi-layer Enhanced Enterprise Platform) is a purpose-built open platform created to join disparate systems in a secure and efficient way. Learn how BEEP connects people with the world around them.

Unmanned Vehicles

When the U.S. government selected us to develop an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), we responded by creating a product modeled after the tuna, one of the fastest and most maneuverable fish in the sea. Boston Engineering’s BIOSwimmer™ is a biomimetic UUV that addresses critical capability gaps in homeland security applications.

Featured Content By Expertise

Design for X

DFX is at its most impactful when it is used as part of a business's overall strategy. A longer term solution can be anticipated if those considerations are know from the start of a strategic project
Involve Design For X in Strategy

Embedded Systems

Whether the challenge is to modernize components, increase reliability, improve performance, or synchronize I/O options, Boston Engineering thrives on solving the toughest challenges.
What Boston Engineering does with embedded systems

Digital Transformations

When done innovatively, committing to a digital transformation will provide a competitive advantage to safeguard business during uncertain times.
Discover opportunities powered by Boston Engineering Digital Transformations

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