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Digital Solutions

Immersive Technology

The interaction of advanced software, devices, and data allows users to experience information in new and empowering ways. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Advanced Web from Boston Engineering are tools available today to elevate your organization’s capabilities, competitiveness, and agility.

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Augmented Reality

Boston Engineering helps you understand your data in a whole new way

Whether your goal is to  increase productivity, improve service times, lower training costs, or accelerate your sales cycle, Augmented Reality (AR) from Boston Engineering will deliver results. Custom AR technology solutions offer real time data, immersive views, and digital interactivity within the physical environment.  Boston Engineering’s experienced team  addresses today’s industrial, service, and sales challenges with a nod to the future of business: better information and faster delivery strengthens companies against uncertainty while building you a competitive advantage.

Augmented Reality Applications

Augmented Reality Solutions provide competitive advantage for your company and prepare you for an uncertain future. Imagine the performance growth you can create both within your organization and throughout the global marketplace.

Integrated Augmented Realty Technologies

Place information in the hands of your workforce to provide remote assistance
See a basic remote assistance demonstration

Visualize your Data

Real time data and digital interaction in the field improve decision making and service
Immerse yourself in information to make better decisions

Industry Solutions

Immersive Technology is the interaction of advanced software, devices, and data that allows users to experience their environment in new and empowering ways.
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Data - Information - Performance Growth - Success


Virtual Reality

Imagine a new way to view Problems and Solutions through technology

Surgical Robotics

For a more impactful look at current and future business challenges, Virtual Reality technology can create new analytical environments and simulate three-dimensional interactions with users.  Through special computing devices, including helmets, gloves, and other electronic equipment, Virtual Reality, as both an experience and a digital tool, allows for interactions in a simulated environment that can provide the benefits of training, exposure, and interactivity while reducing risks, costs, and time versus traditional method of interaction. Boston Engineering’s understanding of VR’s benefits and complexities offers you the opportunity to not just imagine, but implement transformative processes to save you time and resources on your digital transformation journey.

Virtual Reality Impact

Leading Edge Businesses are using Virtual Reality Solutions to improve their outcomes and combat many of the challenges they face today.

Virtual Training Solutions

Train in a Simulated Environment to protect employees and lower financial risks. Bridge the knowledge gap between new employees and SMEs
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Visualization and Planning Solutions

Differentiate yourself: Simulate company processes in physical space as part of your planning and design activities
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Information Immersion

See your company information like never before through virtual Data Analytics. Help Colleagues, Customers, and regulators understand you products and performance with the help of technology
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Data - Information - Performance Growth - Success


Advanced Web

Advanced Web Solutions

Advanced Web is immersive web technology, utilizing web-based 3D rendering and control systems, available through your web browser. Advanced Web provides the immersive experience of 360-degree videos, interactive scenes, and visualization of company information on your computer screen, through browsers available to most users as standard company equipment. This technology, often referred to as WebXR, helps bring the high performance apps (once solely the domain of edge computing devices like handhelds, tablets, or other customized devices) with the full experience of Augmented and Virtual Reality to a browser based platform.

Extended Reality Technologies provide immersive Tools for Transformation

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Data - Information - Performance Growth - Success

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