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Working Tirelessly to Save and to Improve Lives

For almost three decades, we’ve designed, developed, and optimized devices and technologies the medical community relies on to save lives, enrich quality of life, and reduce costs to the healthcare system.

The Boston Engineering Advantage

Boston Engineering drives innovation throughout the medical sector, including: Biomedical, Diagnostics, E-health / connected care, Patient monitoring, Laboratory research, Medical devices, Surgical robotics, and Therapeutics.

  • Accelerate New Product Development: Boston Engineering translates groundbreaking ideas into successful products with a proven track record of helping clients bring cleared/approved products to market.
  • Mitigate Risk: Extensive research and feasibility analysis early in the innovation process eliminates problems later in the development cycle. We address risk for both the product and the project.
  • Cut Costs: Boston Engineering identifies opportunities to reduce production costs throughout the product development process.
  • Apply Compliance Expertise: We provide industry knowledge to minimize time and expense associated with global regulatory requirements (e.g., US FDA Clearance, EU CE Mark, etc.).

Revolutionizing Patient Care

For Fortune 500 companies and other enterprising organizations, we’ve developed a wide range of products that advance clinicians’ abilities to diagnose, monitor, and treat their patients. In vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices are making advanced technological strides. Still, failure of these devices is one of the most severe medical equipment failures due to their importance in diagnosing, and therefore properly treating a patient.

Impactful Work in Diagnostics

Improving Public Health with Affordable Disease Tests

Improving Public Health with Affordable Disease Tests

Boston Engineering and Interscope Create Cancer-Fighting Endoscopic Tool

Boston Engineering and Interscope Create Cancer-Fighting Endoscopic Tool


Elevating Surgical Care

In partnership with surgical product manufacturers, we’ve developed hundreds of instruments, devices, and capital equipment for a wide range of subspecialties, from anesthesiology and dentistry to orthopedics and robotic surgery.

Are you satisfied with the speed and cost of your product development process?


“The instrument and the App that controls it was developed in less than 15 months by the efforts of a dedicated R&D team that I had the privilege to lead, in collaboration with Boston Engineering.”

VP, Quidel – R&D Immunoassay Platform Development

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