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Case Study

Technology that Disrupts the Rapid Disease-Testing Market

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Technology that Disrupts the Rapid Disease-Testing Market


Jack Regan, PhD, founded LexaGene® to create an automated system that rapidly tests samples for diseases at points of need (e.g., hospitals, clinics, airports). Regan developed the IP but sought to prove his concept and commercialize his vision.



The Boston Engineering team:

  • Developed the concept for a sophisticated testing system in a compact footprint
  • Proved the product’s viability by building and testing a working prototype
  • Automated the entire testing workflow and enabled anyone to initiate testing in less than a minute


LexaGene is seeking FDA approvals of its product, which will:

  • Deliver test results in just hours instead of days like traditional lab systems
  • Detect COVID-19 and other pathogens in human samples and E. coli in food supplies
  • Minimize testing costs by enabling non-clinicians to operate the system with ease

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