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Pump Manufacturer Fuels Growth with Innovative Digital Product Line

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Pump Manufacturer Fuels Growth with Innovative Digital Product Line


A national manufacturer of metering pumps and flowmeters designed the majority of its mechanical products in-house during the past six decades. However, customer demand for new, digital ultrasonic flowmeters threatened the company’s growth. Because the company did not have the internal expertise to develop an ultrasonic flowmeter, the manufacturer turned to Boston Engineering for help.



Unlike mechanical products, ultrasound flowmeter technology uses electronics instead of moving parts and delivers more precise volume flow readings. We managed the entire product development process, which is outlined below:

  • Research & Innovation: We researched industry technologies and analyzed the “prior art” of multiple products. Then we applied our market analysis to develop intellectual property (IP) to establish a significant market advantage and create a competitive barrier to entry.
  • Product Design & Development: We leveraged our IP blueprint and customer research to shape the product’s industrial design and hone functionality.
  • Design Verification & Validation: We conducted a rigorous product review that included flow testing in Boston Engineering’s lab using multiple pipe configurations and fluid types.
  • Manufacturability: We identified and selected a manufacturer that fulfilled the client’s high-volume production requirements. Our design provided innovation without complexity, which enabled the client to configure the product for final assembly and test. We also created test fixtures for manufacturing.


The ultrasonic flowmeter is now the client’s flagship product and accounts for a significant percentage of the company’s sales. Boston Engineering also collaborated with the client to develop a lower-cost ultrasonic flowmeter to reach a new market segment. Boston Engineering continues to lead new product developments for this client, including innovative fluid-related sensors and pumps.

The low-power, highly efficient flowmeter sensor helps municipal water treatment plants and the agriculture industry increase water conservation nationally. In third-world countries, the product helps to provide water in arid lands to improve sustainability.

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