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Digital Transformations

A digital transformation is a unique experience for every organization. Leading organizations reach the next digital level by adopting the latest digital solutions to create distinct competitive advantage.

What is a Digital Transformation?

Any project a company invests in to leverage digital technology for competitive advantage is considered a digital transformation. The goal is a shift to the digital first mentality, to take advantage of the power of digital processes to improve efficiencies, update business strategies, and innovate in areas like design, production, and service.  Digital Transformation initiatives range in size and scope, from the updating of software and data management to the wholesale replacement of engineering systems and customer interfaces. While the level of change may create unease within an organization, a properly managed transformation positions companies of all sizes for future growth opportunities and better control of outcomes in uncertain times.

Digital TransformationBusinesses will make the decision to start the digital transformation for many reasons: Markets are continually changing, new competitors cause disruption, technology provides an opportunity to extend product life or shorten development cycles. The common thread running through the decision to change involves updating operations to provide additional customer value.  More than simply purchasing and installing the latest technology,  an effective digital transformation includes understanding the needs of the market and adopting digital solutions to meet those needs.

Digital transformation are by their nature custom journeys. All opportunities are different in size and scope, resulting in a range of potential solutions. Digitalizing data and documents to the cloud may solve a particular company’s problem, while automating monitoring processes to combat a skills gap in an organization may just be the start of a major digital overhaul.  Through integrating digital technology into aspects of traditional businesses processes, organizations can achieve performance advantages that lead to more profitable operations.

Components of a Digital Transformation

Product Development from Boston EngineeringEvery business faces unique challenges, and every digital transformation requires unique solutions. One pathway to a successful transition is to start by considering the available Digital Solutions tools in the context of the business need, the skills of the workforce, and the IT structure ready to support the changes required.


Digital Infrastructure

Data Management

The collection, storage, retrieval, and use of data in a secure and cost effective manner is the backbone of digital solutions

Digital Roadmap

The bringing together the desired business outcomes sought through Digital Solutions with the tools, technologies, and innovations needed to get there.

Product/Solution Development

The knowledge of available Digital Solutions Technologies and evaluation for Feasibility, Desirability, and Viability within an organization


Digital Technologies

Internet of Things

The interconnectivity of equipment and products by embedding computing/communication devices that allow them to send and receive data

Immersive Technologies

The interaction of advanced software, devices, and data that allows users to experience infomration in new and empowering ways

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The technologies that perform sensory functions (inputs) combined with the speed and depth of computer processing power to push higher level operational decision making


Digital Adoption and Management

Industry 4.0

The continued application of digital transformation technologies to drive faster, smarter, and more effective decision making across the organization

Workforce Skills

The building of consensus within an organization, providing training and support, enabling the efficiency and profitability of digital-first thinking

Advanced Human Interface

The software driven Graphical User Interface (GUI) that combines sensory inputs (gestures, voice, Character Recognition) with data display for a unique user experience

Digital Transformation Powers Opportunities

A digital transformation can save a company time and money, improve business processes, and free resources to be used elsewhere. When done innovatively, committing to a digital transformation will provide a competitive advantage to safeguard business during uncertain times.

Digital Transformations from Boston Engineering

A digital transformation can provide Operational Improvements:
    • Improved production throughput
    • Elimination of scrap and waste
    • Reduce training times for new hires
A digital transformation can provide Service Improvements:
    • In-field, visual, step-by-step work instructions
    • Real time pairing with remote experts
    • Data visualization to aid in troubleshooting
A digital transformation can provide Sales Improvements:
    • Shorten Sales Cycles
    • Strengthen your brand
    • Reduce Selling Costs

Explore Digital Transformation Opportunities from Boston Engineering

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Transform your Business

Growth through digital transformationWhether your goal is to increase productivity, improve margins, lower service costs, or simply increase the bottom line, a digital transformation will provide your company with a notable advantage over competitors. By employing today’s most advanced digital tools, technologies, and engineering innovations, you can elevate your capabilities, competitiveness, and agility. In the end, designing and implementing digital solutions is an advanced strategy that will save time and money, safeguarding your business during uncertain times.


Make the Transformation

Markets are continually changing, new competitors cause disruption, technology provides an opportunity to extend product life or shorten development cycles. Every business faces constant challenges, so creating long term solutions becomes important. Working with Boston Engineering provides access to knowledge of digital tools, implementation management, and support for future change requirements.

The result: A connected organization using a real-time informational ecosystem to make more informed, data-driven decisions to increase profitability.

Start your Digital Transformation with Boston Engineering

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