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Mixed Reality Expert Guidance (MREG)

Experience the power of Mixed Reality Expert Guidance, where virtual and real worlds seamlessly blend to provide an unparalleled interface. Unlock limitless possibilities as you connect individuals and experts regardless of location, bridging knowledge and skills within one platform.


What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed reality (MR) is a technology that combines real world and virtual objects together in one landscape. This allows users to interact with physical and digital elements simultaneously by layering multiple visuals on top of one another. Accessible via cell phone, tablet, or headset, Mixed Reality blends virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to create an experience that is immersive, interactive, and dynamic. Users engage with the space around them by “looking” in multiple different directions as if using their own field of vision. They then perform actions that are mapped to the digital space, such as drawing or highlighting, that are then affixed to the landscape even when they reposition their device.


How Does Mixed Reality Expert Guidance Work?

Mixed Reality Expert Guidance (MREG) is an augmented reality (AR) enhanced secure remote video support tool connecting field technicians to Subject Matter Experts. MREG significantly reduces work execution time by providing guidance from experienced workers on demand and avoiding workers leaving sites to resolve issues. This offers real-time instruction, support, and assistance regardless of distance or time zone, and allows both parties to see and interact with the same view simultaneously.


Provides real-time access to remote experts, reducing the need for on-site visits and saving time and costs associated with dispatching technicians to the field.


Enhances communication between remote technicians and on-site personnel through the overlay of digital information onto the physical environment, improving accuracy and clarity of instructions.


Enables remote technicians to see the issue firsthand through AR technology, allowing for precise guidance and faster issue resolution.


Improves customer satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity by providing faster, more accurate solutions to technical issues.


Objects drawn on the digital landscape remain mapped to their location, even when a user moves or adjusts their view.


Both the expert and user can draw in real-time to highlight specific areas, ask questions, or provide additional information from the same view.



How does Mixed Reality Expert Guidance impact remote collaboration?

Is MREG the right solution for my industry?

What are the hardware requirements for Mixed Reality Expert Guidance?

MREG for all Applications

Training simulations

Virtual elements are overlaid onto user screens, allowing SMEs to guide trainees through real-world procedures in a simulated environment.

Field service

Work through complex or challenging repairs without the need for in-person collaboration.

Manufacturing & assembly

Highlight components, provide step-by-step support, and overlay instructions to reduce errors and increase efficiency.

Medical procedures

Leverage MREG for intra-operative guidance or pre-op planning. Collaborate with professionals across a wide range of disciplines

Emergency preparedness

Practice emergency response, disaster training, and other critical scenarios in a safe and simulated environment with the help of expert guidance.

Product Development

Streamline the product development process and iterate designs in real-time by connecting engineers and project managers in one collaborative space.


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