Privacy Policy

Engineering Corporation respects your privacy and will only use the information you voluntarily provide to us through opt-in mail lists, Web forms, emails, or other methods to service you directly. We will not sell or distribute any information you provide without your express written permission. It is Boston Engineering Corporation’s practice to provide an opportunity for any person to remove themselves from a Boston Engineering Corporation distribution list by sending us an email removal request.


Boston Engineering Corporation uses session cookies in order to serve information to you more quickly and efficiently and create a better user experience. Without cookies, Web sites and their servers have no memory. A cookie, like a key, enables swift passage from one place to the next. Without a cookie every time you open a new Web page the server where that page is stored will treat you like a completely new visitor.

Unlike persistent cookies—which remain on your hard drive until you erase them or they expire—session cookies are temporary and are erased when you close your browser at the end of your surfing session. The next time you visit Boston Engineering’s site it will not recognize you and will treat you as a completely new visitor. No personal information is captured or stored.

Other Sites and Business Partners

Boston Engineering Corporation provides links that take you to other Web sites. We encourage you to review privacy and other policies at third party sites you visit, since those sites are not bound to follow our policies.


Boston Engineering Corporation may in the future alter or add to this Privacy Policy, especially as we add new services to our site. Accordingly, please check this part of our site from time to time to see if there has been a change.


These are our current internal guidelines, which we make you aware of as a convenience. This is not a contract.