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End-to-End PLM Products

As the largest PTC ChannelAdvantage Partner in the Northeast, Boston Engineering understands the challenges and opportunities facing product development and engineering teams. In fact, Boston Engineering is the only PTC reseller that also uses PTC software for its own product innovation, design, and engineering consulting services.

Boston Engineering complements its PTC software offerings with its Product Development Systems Services (PDSS) to align your product development teams, processes, and tools. Boston Engineering supports clients across multi-CAD environments, product development maturity levels, and evolving business requirements.


PTC Support and Renewals

Boston Engineering implements the latest software versions for you and then ensures that your entire PLM system is running at peak performance. Renew your software licenses with Boston Engineering to gain best-in-class software and services. You can renew your PTC software licenses with Boston Engineering regardless of where you purchased them.


ThingWorx IoT

IoT is only as good as its bottom-line value to your organization. Boston Engineering is positioned to strengthen your IoT offerings and Industrial IoT Solutions.

For two decades, we’ve been advancing capabilities that are central to IoT, including connectivity, remote sensing and monitoring, low power consumption, and small form factors. Today, one of our most exciting projects is developing an IoT-enabled product that is poised to disrupt an entire market.

Additional IoT capabilities across our product development services include:

IoT Applications: As a certified ThingWorx systems integrator, we can accelerate the development and deployment of a powerful IoT platform with smart applications.

IoT Semiconductors and Sensors: As Analog Devices’ exclusive North American and European motor control design partner, we can optimize ADI’s semiconductor technologies to sense, to measure, and to connect with the IoT cloud.

IoT/PLM Processes: As one of America’s largest PTC solutions providers, we advance PLM maturity and business processes. This is critical because IoT success requires close collaboration among product engineering, support, and other departments to harness the large volumes of data from IoT devices.

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