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Digital Roadmap Development

Planning and executing the multi-step process of adopting digital technologies using strategy, discipline, and expertise

Start Your Digital Transformation with Boston Engineering

Digital Roadmap Development

Designing your path to competitive advantage

Digital RoadmapDeveloping a road map for a digital transformation that solves a business’s challenges is a multi-step process. The journey begins through defining growth opportunities and understanding the need for a digital transformation. Next, understanding gaps in the current system will help define what investment is needed. Surveying the available digital technologies will point to the right investments and help outline the steps and timeline of converting to a digital-first organization, one that is significantly differentiated from competitors.


Ultimately, with the targets defined, the finalized digital transformation roadmap provides the implementation team with structure to manage the project from launch to completion. Once completed, a properly executed digital transformation positions firms to lead markets with efficient and effective strategy execution.


Explore Digital Roadmap Development with Boston Engineering


What is a Digital Transformation?

Any project a company invests in to leverage digital technology for competitive advantage is considered a digital transformation. The goal is a shift to the digital first mentality, to take advantage of the power of digital processes to improve efficiencies, update business strategies, and innovate in areas like design, production, and service.  Digital Transformation initiatives range in size and scope, from the updating of software and data management to the wholesale replacement of engineering systems and customer interfaces. While the level of change may create unease within an organization, a properly managed transformation positions companies of all sizes for future growth opportunities and better control of outcomes in uncertain times.



What is a Digital Transformation Roadmap?

A digital transformation roadmap moves an organization from current to future digital processes, outlining the steps and investments needed to manage the transition, and to achieve the digitalization goals. The roadmap defines the goals of the organization and the initiative, including the steps to be takes, the timeline and coordination required, with the addition of responsibilities and investments throughout the process. In brief, a roadmap for digital transformation must address the following questions:

  • What digital transformation strategy do I need to stay ahead of my competitors in the future?
  • What is the business need that is driving this transformation?
  • What tools exist that can replace my current analog or digital solutions?
  • What current processes, systems, or equipment will need to be updated?
  • How long will the transformation process take?
  • What resources will be required for a successful completion?

The most successful digital transformation roadmaps also include plans for winning employee and management support, transitioning of individual tools and supporting activities, as well as training requirements, updating written processes, and future consideration beyond the scope of the current project.  Why? It’ tempting to look at the completion of the project (the end of the roadmap) as the end of a journey, no organization can afford to stop transitioning in order to stay relevant. A Digital Transformation is another step in the evolution of a company, so maintaining skills, awareness of technology trends, and the digital-first mindset is required to drive success well into the future.


What are the Elements of a Successful Digital Transformation?

Targets and Goals 

By defining your project aims and publishing a roadmap, companies provide clarity for those involved, increasing the chances of a successful digital transformation


Secure commitment from all stakeholders to ease the transformation from current systems to digital solutions by selling the performance results expected from the investment.

Access to Resources

Formal commitment of investment funds, personnel, and project time will ensure priorities are agreed and pursued from beginning to end of a successful project.

Highly Skilled Team

Select the best performers, coordinators, and managers to lead the Digital Transformation implementation from building the business case thorough road mapping and implementation.

Managed Successes

Move the project forward through step-wise development of digital capabilities that build on previous results, resulting in a smooth and manageable transformation.

Old to New

Carefully timed implementations of new processes and new systems are necessary to ease the transition of employees and customers, with special care given to training all users.

Nimble Work Culture

Develop the skills within your team to make the transition by focusing on the benefits of a digital transition, including the ability to adopt and implement new technologies as they arise.


A workforce that looks to a digital solution as the primary goal and can adapt to changes in technology will create a company positioned better to withstand ever changing market forces

New Strategic Focus

Build a strategy around the competitive advantage created and a digital transformation will yield larger and larger returns in the years to come, both in higher profits and in more effective adoption of future technology.

Build & Deploy a Digital Transformation Roadmap

Are you ready to start the Digital Transformation process?

Digital Transformation RoadmapA digital transformation is a unique experience for every organization. There is no one roadmap to success, but rather a set of skills and experience that improves the return on investment. Leveraging digital technology for competitive advantage is a journey, one that starts by understanding needs, setting goals, and selecting the proper digital solutions to meets those expectations. Each transformation is a project that requires discipline and dedication, and it best accomplished with the assistance of an experienced partner.

Selecting a partner to help you complete your design project is a valuable option to reduce project duration and save money. Boston Engineering will work with you to define a road map that solves your business challenges and develops proofs of concept showcasing these solutions. We’ll help you build consensus within your organization, leverage the latest technologies, and provide training and support. Ultimately, your organization will boost operational efficiency and profitability as well as expand your  ability to innovate.

By Partnering with Boston Engineering, companies complete the digital transformation journey faster and implement a broader range of solutions. With years of experience guiding organizations to the next digital level, Boston Engineering delivers proven experience with knowledge of the latest digital solutions. The result: competitive advantage and more immediate returns on investment. The path from now to the future begins with a plan. Let Boston Engineering help you build that plan and realize that future.


Digital Transformation Roadmap Development from Boston Engineering

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