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Simulation Software & Consulting

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Stress analysis provides product designers and engineers with powerful, reliable insights to accelerate new product development and to pinpoint improvements to existing products rapidly. By conducting Finite Element Analysis (FEA), users can simulate structural performance under static, dynamic, and impact loading environments using products like Ansys Mechanical and LS Dyna.



Understanding how fluids interact with your product is paramount for performance and reliability. Whether its aerodynamics, hydraulics, or electronics cooling, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) provides designers and engineers with actionable insight into fluid flow and heat transfer using flagship tools like Fluent and CFX.


Electronics & Electromagnetics

In today’s connected world, understanding the myriad of physics behind your electronics is critical to your quality and differentiation from your competitors. Whether it’s signal integrity in SIWave , antenna design in HFSS, heat transfer in Icepak, or electro mechanical devices in Maxwell, optimizing today’s electronics requires a true Multiphysics approach.


Systems & Software

In additional to Multiphysics, today’s smart connected products require Multiscale simulation. For System Level analysis, Reduced Order Models are used with TwinBuilder to build a Digital Twin of your product. Coupled with SCADE and Medini for Safety and Requirements Management, your hardware platform can be simulated end to end prior to investing in any tooling.

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