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“Opportunities for cost reduction are not only in the product, but in the manufacturing and assembly methods being used.”

Leveling Up Existing Products Through DFX

5 min-minute read
Leveling Up Existing Products Through DFX

Unleashing the Power of DFX

So where do most clients request the most help from DFX specialists? The overwhelming need centers around cost reduction – a perennial challenge for product teams.

Unleashing the Power of DFX

Developing successful new products from scratch is challenging enough, but what about improving on existing designs? Many companies find themselves struggling to optimize the manufacturability, reliability, and serviceability of products that have been in the market for years.

In this eBook, we’ll dive into the real-world experiences of DFX subject matter expert John DePiano, exploring the common areas where existing product owners excel, as well as the key opportunities where targeted DFX support can drive major improvements.

By understanding these insights, you’ll be equipped to honestly assess your own products and determine if working with a DFX specialist could unlock significant untapped value.

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