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Motion Control Innovation Outlook

Motion Control Innovation Outlook

3 Motion Control Trends that will Shape your New Product Development Strategy

Control systems underpin innovation in industries ranging from manufacturing to medical devices.

Boston Engineering spotlights three trends shaping new motion control product development requirements in 2015 and beyond.

1) How to Capitalize on Sensorless Motor Control

2) How to Prepare for Higher Motor Efficiency Standards in 2016

3) How to Add Industrial Internet (IoT) Capabilities to your Control Systems


Boston Engineering¬†manages the entire product development process ‚ÄĒ from concept development and product engineering to supply chain development. And we work closely with clients from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies across¬†consumer products,¬†defense & security,¬†medical devices,¬†robotics,¬†and¬†industrial¬†markets.

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