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Bi-layer Enhancement Enterprise Platform

BEEP: A convergence of systems establishing a stable and secure information ecosystem.


What is BEEP?

The Power of Information access, Global interface, Device integration, and Connection

BEEP (Bi-layer Enhancement Enterprise Platform) is the intersection of Boston Engineering’s digital innovation and the experience gained through developing integrated data and device systems for our clients’ toughest challenges. With continued technological advancement, and in conjunction with the scientific community, industry, Department of Defense, and other thought leaders, we’ve developed the ability to implement individual elements of I4.0, IoT, digital first thinking as a method of creating sustainable competitive advantage.  Boston Engineering is now capable, with the fusion of the knowledge gained and lessons learned in the process, of designing system wide information access, data transfer, device integration and global interface capabilities across communication links that are both secure and scalable.

Every BEEP solution is a purpose-built open platform designed to perform a wide range of functions. BEEP uses a common interface to join disparate systems in a secure and efficient way. It offers the ideal balance of flexibility and customization to ensure you can connect new and existing modules seamlessly, and it was developed to address high value use cases within a multitude of industry and defense sectors.

Every challenge is different, but the knowledge Boston Engineering has acquired solving impossible challenges ensures that BEEP platforms will combine the latest technology with client data to overcome any connectivity and integration challenge. In fact, Beep’s modular approach and device integration capability means that as Boston Engineering and other innovation partners develop new technologies, these will be incorporated in the platform’s functionality.

Preparing organizations for a digital future driven by the need for information, powered by data, enabled by connection, while remaining remaining secure and scalable is the challenge of the next decade. Boston engineering empowers our clients to meet this challenge through BEEP, which harnesses our digital innovation and the experience gained through developing these very solutions. The Power of BEEP is found in information access, data transfer, device integration, and global interface capabilities, built on the Boston Engineering designed method of creating sustainable competitive advantage.

Impact: Global Interface

Impact: Information Access

Impact: Device Integration

Impact: Connection


BEEP At Its Core

Boston Engineering understands that unique applications require nuanced solutions. Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf platform that limits your capabilities, compromises your data, or conflicts with your existing assets. Instead, discover how BEEP offers the flexibility to create a unique system suited for your exact needs.

Seamless Connectivity

Connect disparate systems and technology through a common interface, allowing real-time cross application business logic and operational data.

Cohesive Functionality

A critical layer of connectivity between existing systems, emerging solutions, and the applications playing an important role in the Digital Thread.

Unparalleled Security

A secure connection between applications and information hosted on disparate systems.

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Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy BEEP on-premises behind your own firewall, in the cloud, or a combination of both.


Deploy locally behind the security of your own firewall


Deploy to managed cloud services for global access

Hybrid Approach

Deploy a combination of on-premises and cloud with data synchronization

Connect Users to Things, People, and the Spaces Around Them


Share domain knowledge across your workforce to perform complex tasks more efficiently.


Control deployment of content with location awareness, reducing exposure to unnecessary information in high stress environments.


Filter information with intuitive situationally aware systems, reducing cognitive load on the worker.


Provide access to all necessary information for successful completion of assigned tasks through secure integration with existing Enterprise systems.


Present real-time metrics and analysis of equipment and machines in-situ or remotely to help troubleshoot or predict upcoming failures.

Digital Transformation

The innovative team at Boston Engineering is here to help you uncover and implement solutions to your toughest challenges. Contact us to learn how the right technology can revolutionize your production and maximize your workforce.

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