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Developing breakthrough products. Engineering the impossible. Pushing the boundaries of technology and science.

Novel Engineering

Research & Development Group

Since 2008, our Research & Development Group has developed game-changing products for the defense industry, medical industry, and commercial applications, including robotics and data collection technologies such as autonomous underwater vehicles and maritime oceanographic devices.


Full Patents Library

Date of PatentApplicantPatent No.
06/27/23RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.11,684,731
01/31/23Interscope, Inc 11,564,670
01/31/23Boston Engineering Corp11,566,924
01/24/23Boston Engineering Corp11,560,204
12/13/22Interscope, Inc11,523,807
08/23/22Smart Cups, LLC11,420,461
07/19/22Interscope, IncD9587,343
06/07/22Interscope, Inc11,350,914
05/31/22Boston Engineering Corp11,346,690
03/29/22SCIP LLP (Garry Heiney)11,286,693
02/15/22RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.11,247,006
02/01/22RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.11,234,463
08/10/21RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.11,083,857
08/03/21Interscope, Inc11,076,840
06/15/21Interscope, Inc11,033,255
05/11/21RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.11,000,069
05/11/21RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.11,000,075
02/09/21Kambiz Behzadi10,912,655
01/12/21R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co10,888,115
12/08/20RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,856,570
10/13/20RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,798,974
10/13/20Interscope, Inc10,799,223
04/07/20RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,609,961
03/24/20RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,595,561
03/17/20RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,588,352
03/03/20RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,575,564
02/18/20RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,561,178
12/03/19RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,492,532
11/12/19RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,470,497
10/01/19RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,426,200
09/17/19Kambiz Behzadi10,413,425
08/06/19Interscope, IncD855802
07/16/19RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,349,684
06/04/19RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,306,924
05/21/19RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,292,434
04/23/19Interscope, Inc10,265,087
04/23/19Interscope, Inc10,265,055
04/02/19Kambiz Behzadi10,245,162
12/04/18RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,143,236
10/02/18RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,085,485
08/28/18RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,058,123
07/31/18RAI Strategic Holdings, Inc.10,034,494
07/17/18Interscope, IncD823,465
06/26/18Interscope, IncD821,584
05/01/18R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co9,955,726
03/20/18R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co9,918,495
12/05/17R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co9,833,019
04/04/17R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co9,609,893
11/15/16R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co9,491,974
10/11/16Bing Innovations, LLC9,463,287
08/09/16Interscope, Inc9,408,593
03/08/16R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co9,277,770
12/29/15R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co9,220,302
12/08/15Interscope, Inc9,204,868
07/28/15Boston Engineering Corp9,090,320
07/07/15Interscope, Inc9,072,505
05/19/15Interscope, Inc9,033,864
05/19/15Interscope, Inc9,033,895
05/12/15Interscope, Inc9,028,424
11/11/14Interscope, Inc8,882,680
10/16/12Technology Capital Investors8,287,475
03/02/00DEK Priniing Machines Limited6,032,788

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